Rise of the Machines



IBM is working on a robotics system to drastically reduce the need for physically present engineers in industries like oil, shipping, and even aerospace. The maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) system is designed to let engineers to work “mobilely” on all kinds of machinery.

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via: venturebeat.com

We all knew this day will come when robots would take over the workforce.  Not quite as this article puts it the robots will still need to be operated by licensed engineers, but they will be able to do so from anywhere on the planet.  I don’t think it is far off to assume the robots will completely take over once they’ve learned to think on their own.   AI is a huge leap forward but also can hurt us because ultimately they will take our jobs.  Those corporate giants will probably want to buy a robot that never sleeps, never eats, and never calls in to work because they’re sick.  Our businesses will become more like machines then human.  This is a reality I’m hoping doesn’t come true at least in the short term.  As I look to the future I’m left wondering will my job become a thing of the past?


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