Google Wants To Know What To Do With Your Gmail After You’re Dead

Google Wants To Know What To Do With Your Gmail After You’re Dead

Google has launched a new service to help its users make an online will that dictates what happens to their data after they die – either permanently deleting it, or passing it on to loved ones as a digital inheritance.

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Maybe a touchy subject for some this idea of a “DeadBook” is not a new one but is definitely worth thinking about.  Google I think is on the right track here, but may also have some dire consequences if not done right.  They need to put the right tools in place to make sure the experience is well taken by all parties involved.  A user should have all the options in front of them so they can show just what they want.

This idea of digital inheritance can help keep your memory alive for many years to come.  I’d be curious to see this happen for blogs as well because they can be like a digital journal of ones life in the format of journal entries.  My great grand children would be able to find out what the issues were of the time or what was most interesting to us way back in 2013.

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