10 Best Pinterest Practices

10 Best Pinterest Practices

In the world of social media there are few mediums that go untouched, but there are those that are significantly more prominent than the others. Facebook and Twitter being the reigning kings and others trailing behind with users unsure of what to do. However, Pinterest is proving to be an extremely useful tool for businesses to engage in.

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Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole go...

Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole going past a background galaxy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pinterest as an individual with no real goal in mind is a black-hole for wasting time.  If though you’re representing a company with defined goals it can also take a considerable amount of time but can get you a ton of new followers you never knew existed.  The above article is really great at identifying the logical steps you would need to do if you are the latter person creating the Pinterest account for their company.

One other step I’d add would be “Be Creative” everything we do in social media still need that human touch so other “followers” can feel connected.  Ultimately I think this is the real goal for companies which is connecting with their customers.  I know this is certainly not the last Photo/Image social network that will pop up.   Overall I’d expect Pinterest to be a big player in space and hey even if you don’t care just take a quick look around you may even find something you really like.

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