Facebook Is About To Go To War Against Google

Facebook Is About To Go To War Against Google

Spruce Media, one of Facebook‘s biggest ad-buying clients, predicts that Facebook will go “head-to-head” against Google for advertising on the wider web, a move which should “turn the existing display ad world on its head,” the company says.

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via: www.businessinsider.com

I’ve been saying since I started at KickApps several years ago! It was bound to happen one way or another. Great article from businessinsider as always.  The digital media world is always changing.  I think there’s definitely room for some good competition, because where there’s completion there’s innovation with all parties involved.  These two massive companies are really just going to have to learn to play nice or risk segregation. I like Google but they need to settle down a little.  Facebook also needs to cool their huge ego because they were not the first and wont be the last.  War never really solves anything just leaves a lot of pieces to pick up.  For at least our sake let’s negotiate and learn to share the World Wide Web!

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