Will You Get Halo 4 on PC? Hahahahaha. No.


Will You Get Halo 4 on PC? Hahahahaha. No.

RSS In the last ten years, while Microsoft has published all kinds of awesome games on the Xbox 360 (and has lately been quietly publishing XBLA games on the PC), it’s published exactly three of its major shooters. Halo, Halo 2 and the first Gears of War.

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This seems like a bonehead move by Microsoft.  I mean an Xbox in essence is just a PC running a unique instance of Windows.  I was actually considering getting into Halo if they produced for my super powered gaming PC.  They could capitalize on the growing PC gaming market but they say no.  In this world usually you are a PS3 gamer or Xbox, but PC acts like a side girlfriend letting you play both sides of the fence.  For exclusive console specific games PC has always been the extra player growing slowly but surely.  The fact is that most games will play better on a high end PC anyway.  It’s only because a computer you buy today is always going to be more powerful the Xbox 360.  Again I say this is a blunder by Microsoft on itself.

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