Sony PlayStation 3 (2012) up close and personal (eyes-on)


Sony PlayStation 3 (2012) up close and personal (eyes-on)

Just after their pre-TGS announcement, we were able to snag a closer look at Sony‘s new slimmed-down PlayStation 3 consoles. While we weren’t able to put our grubby mitts on the pair, we did get a peek at some of the exterior differences.

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Wow this new/old console looks great!  I’ve been thinking about getting another PS3 to have the ultimate at home gaming experience.   I’d have one in the living room and one in my spare bedroom so if I have friends we can have a full splitscreen Zombies game off.

The white one looks sooo sexy and 500GB what hell am I going to do with all that space.  Hmmm I guess I can have a second computer with all my music and videos I have stored on the ol’ laptop.  Love that they’ll have bundles but where is the Black Ops 2 bundle?? I’d be so inclined if they did to purchase one for a friend to get our zombie killing on.

I’ll have to work extra hard so I can make enough to buy/build the ultimate gaming experience.


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