Time Warner Cable: How about some TV with your Netflix?

Time Warner Cable: How about some TV with your Netflix?

Tail, meet dog: Time Warner Cable is currently sending a mailer to internet-only customers, suggesting that they should upgrade their broadband speeds for a better Netflix experience and offering to throw in a whole year of free TV as a bonus. How about some TV with your Netflix? Time Warner Cable’s latest mailer to Internet-only customers.

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This is a huge win for TWC.  The most bashed company wins one for the team and produces this awesome ad.  Play Call of Dutybetter with high speed TWC oh yes I’m in, and where do I sign up.  Oh and I get free cable as a bonus.  Yes thank you.  TWC you’ve won my heart even though I had shitty service in the past you’ve given me something new and good to talk about about your company.  And why you ask does this appeal to me well let’s face it no body likes laggy muliplayer game play and it sucks tell my girl shw can’t watch Netflix when I play games.  Makes her hate Call of Duty that much more as if she didn’t already.  Now I can honey watch all the Netflix you want we have enough speed that it can handle all of it.

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