HBO Takes On Netflix In The Nordics, With Its Own Streaming Video Service


HBO Takes On Netflix In The Nordics, With Its Own Streaming Video Service

HBO is going to launch its first significant over-the-top offering, and it’s going to do so in one of the same markets as Netflix. The service, called HBO Nordic, will be launched in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland in mid-October, and could provide some interesting competition to Netflix, which will also soon be entering that region.

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And now I can get HBO back too.  Love that I never have to think about going back to Cable.  I get all my entertainment when I want it without commercials it’s like a dream come true.  I like that there is some much competition in this space now but frankly I’d probably be getting both.  Because lets face there are going to be some shows on Netflix that aren’t on Hulu or HBO and vice versa so in all likelyhood I’d opt to get them all because combined it would still be cheaper then cable and I don’t have to put up with shitty service and did I mention NO COMMERCIALS!!!


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