Streaming Bits: Time Warner CEO Calls Cord-Cutting a Myth, Amazon Instant Video Comes to iPad, Apple TV Launches Hulu Plus App

Streaming Bits: Time Warner CEO Calls Cord-Cutting a Myth, Amazon Instant Video Comes to iPad, Apple TV Launches Hulu Plus App

Thanks to the proliferation of digital services like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video, it’s easier now than ever to get your fill of TV without actually owning a TV. Unless, that is, you want to watch Game of Thrones or True Blood.

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This headline cracks me up “Time Warner Cable CEO, Jeff Bewkes calls Cord-Cutting a Myth.”  Well he is sadly mistaken because I for one cut the Time Warner Cable cord three years ago and haven’t missed it except for HBO and Comedy Central.

How do you get the entertainment you want like News, Sports, Movies, and TV shows? Simple as explained in this article.

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Get Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon.  Get a PS3, Xbox 360, or Apple TV.  Finally buy a Digital HD TV antenna and you’re all set.  You’re total cost the cheap way is one time equipment cost $130 for Apple TV and HD antenna and monthly cost of under $20 for Netflix and Hulu or Amazon.  The expensive route one time equipment cost $330 for HD antenna and either PS3 or Xbox 360 which also gives you the added benefit of gaming and Blu-ray capability (PS3 only).  The monthly cost of $35 for Hulu, Netflix,

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Amazon premium, and optional NHL game package (PS3 only) with all other major sports to follow.  These sports packages allow you to watch any game any time you want.

Most people don’t even realize that they can purchase a very inexpensive Digital HD TV antenna that will provide you the main cable channels like NBC and ABC.  You simply buy this HD antenna for $30 bucks and you get 20+ digital channels FREE for life.  Getting the same deal with Time Warner Cable is just impossible.  Their most basic plans start at around $50 buck and you definitely won’t get those premium channels that are almost the only reason you would get a cable plan in the first place.  You will also have to sit through 15 min of commercials to

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watch a short 30 min TV show.

In my opinion it’s not worth the hassle the expensive equipment, set up cost, set up in general and the rude service you get with TWC.  At least DirecTV are personable and helpful but you still have equipment and installation costs.

The CEO of Time Warner Cable doesn’t want you to know what I’ve just explained and that’s why he is in denial about the future of TV viewing.  Denial, I meant he’s actually lying to you so he can lock your wallet in for a year.  I’m honest with you and want to share my experience how to do it the right way that doesn’t lock you into anything but you’re own freedom of choice.

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