The Colorado Massacre at – Batman: The Dark Night Rises

14 Killed in Mass Shooting at Batman Premiere in Colorado

Ten people are feared dead and 50 have been injured in a shooting at the premiere of the new Batman movie in a movie theater in Aurora near Denver, Colorado, according to numerous reports. According to reports, a gunman opened fire at the theater, killing ten people and injuring a minimum of 36, which have been admitted to a hospital.

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This is a very real and very scary massacre that happened last night at the premiere of Batman: The Dark Night Rises in Colorado.  The total death toll stands at 12 people dead and 71 people wounded in the shooting of this theater massacre.  2 people died at a near by hospital and 10 are still lying in the movie theater.  Tweets were written at the time of shooting.  The shooter had 4 guns, a shot gun, a rifle, a 40 caliber glock and a AR-15.

The trouble started as stated by witnesses; a man wearing full juggernaut body armor came into theater 9 from the emergency exist door.  An explosion went off and then the attacker dropped a canister that spewed out gas and then the shooting commenced from a shot gun.  Shooting without target at any all the audience attendees.  After the attacker emptied the shot gun he pulled out the Rifle and continued shooting.  People fled to the exists and was pandemonium.

This is absolutely awful how the hell can anyone go in and kill innocent people especially kids.  The shooter has been named James Holmes.  I can’t believe that these kinds of attacks still happen. I thought Columbine and 911 was supposed to be the last.  I’m sadly mistaken.  This deranged individual should be punished to the utmost severity of the law and I hope they give this guy justice.

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