Broken Xbox 360 Upcycled Into Nano-Reef Aquarium


Broken Xbox 360 Upcycled Into Nano-Reef Aquarium

© Spencer Shephard/Blue World Aquariums These days, video game consoles are much more than devices that allow you to play the latest first-person shooter or role-playing game. Video game systems now come equipped with WiFi capabilities and sophisticated media streaming technology.

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This is such a cool idea and brings up a lot of valid issues with both the XBox and PS3 alike.  The main issue is that today many people are using these consoles for much more than just gaming.  We are using them for Hulu and Netflix type services that are making these machines work over time to satisfy our constant entertainment needs.

I recently had my beloved 60GB PS3 give me the yellow light of death forcing me to purchase a new one and try and come up with inventive ways to discard or reuse the old damaged machine.  I think Sony should be giving us something to send in our damaged PS3 for some type of discount twords a new one or at least something so it’s not a total waste of hardware.  But I guess Sony has its own problems with their yearly  revenue loss.



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