Latest iPad Mini Rumors Investigate Tablet’s Display

Latest iPad Mini Rumors Investigate Tablet’s Display

Rumors that Apple is working on a seven-inch iPad “Mini” keep popping-up again and again. Actual evidence supporting the idea of such a tablet has been quite a bit harder to come by, but when taken all together, it’s becoming easier to be convinced that such a gadget really is in Apple’s future.

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More rumors are spreading around about Apple mini iPad.  I feel like with all these rumors that Apple just may release this soon.  It will help to drown out all those less than adequate tablets that are just not worth any money they are selling them for.  I fell into the trap of getting a very inexpensive tablet in the hopes that I could use it.  Wow was I mistakenly wrong.  Not all tablets are created equal, but I think Apple might be on the right track addressing the small tablet category with the same solid iOS system.  I’m not a fan on Apple but in this case yes I would probably buy one.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

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