iPhone Explodes On Camera In Nokia’s Backyard

iPhone Explodes On Camera In Nokia’s Backyard

As great as our gadgets can be, they also come with their own little inconveniences. Maybe the network signal cuts out just as you’re about to make an important call. Maybe the battery dies right before the good part of that movie you’re watching or book you’re reading. Maybe your smartphone catches fire in your pants.

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via: www.webpronews.com

Watch the video in this article the iPhone literally spews thick smoke from this guys pocket and is all captured on a security camera overhead.  The aftermath shows the iPhone completely melted and broken from the explosion.  It’s times like this when I’m so happy to and HTC EVO owner.  Sure it does have Siri but it also is not going to ruin my pants and may cause severe bodily harm to myself and anyone around when it all comes crashing down.

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