Sony Says PlayStation Vita Burials Were Premature, Predicts Good Things [Ps Vita]

Sony Says PlayStation Vita Burials Were Premature, Predicts Good Things [Ps Vita]

The headlines about the PlayStation Vita are often harsh these days, especially the headlines that deem the system is “almost D.O.A.” That’s a brutal assessment of a machine that’s been out for only about four months in America and is very likely the most impressive piece of portable gaming technology ever sold.

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Not entirely sure why the Vita has not done a better job on the market, but I have a few hypothesis that may give you a good picture of what’s happening.  One thing I can conclude that it probably has to do with the amount of blockbuster games that are available.  Once the ramp up the game creation I think the Vita will become the leader of the pack and be an example of what portable gaming really means.  The other idea is that Mobile phones and tablets are killing this handheld game genre.  The Vita price tag is no laughing matter so they are probably only selling devices to the super serious gamers.  I’d definitely say  that it is a combination of these reasons.  Even though the Vita is getting a bad rap I think they can and will have the opportunity to turn sales around once those blockbuster-games start releasing.  English: Logo of the PlayStation VIta.

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