‘Final Fantasy 7′ Coming to Steam with New Features?

‘Final Fantasy 7′ Coming to Steam with New Features?

One of the PlayStation‘s most beloved titles is rumored to finally be getting the rerelease gamers have been hoping for, but it might not be in the form we expected. While a Final Fantasy VII HD remake has long been in the cards for developer Square Enix (who shipped the game way back when they were Squaresoft) that idea seems to rank pretty low…

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Cloud's design in Final Fantasy VII Advent Chi...

This is one of games I’ve been waiting for since the early 90’s.  The re-release will be long awaited for many gamers that love RPG’s.  Not sure why Square Enix ranks this so low on their priority list as so many people love this game and what it stands for.  That being a  very in depth game that has loads of potential when thinking that this game could be being on a more powerful platform like the PS3 or the new PS4 or whatever they are calling it.  I’ve tweeted this to both @playstation and @squareenix many times.  Only one response which was that this will most likely happen but no telling when.  Well I for one hope it is soon rather then later because I mean come on 10+ years is a long time to wait for a re-release. Square Enix logo Português: Logo da Square Eni...

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