Will We Ever… Live on the Moon?

Will We Ever… Live on the Moon?

What are the chances that humans will return to the moon with a more permanent mission? Dr. Phil Plait believes it will happen, but the real questions are when, how, and why. The Apollo missions were an expensive race against the Soviets, but with the proper technology and investment, a permanent moon base could actually be profitable.

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Live on the moon?  Awesome where do I sign up.  As a child I’ve stared up Moon and Saturn / Maan en Saturnusat the sky wondering how I could set up a base on the moon to live there.  Maybe this dream could actually come true in my life-time.  We’ll at least here is hoping.  As I understand it there are many incredible valuable natural resources on the moon and building a permanent base up there would not just be awesome but extremely profitable to the company or country that can get it done.   I would bet on Boeing to accomplish the task.  I was reading an article on USA today that said there will be space vacations by Boeing by 2015.  Space vacations? Wow I think I just died and went to heaven.  But seriously I think a space flight ticket might be a bit out of my price range.  I’d like to see just how affordable it would actually be.

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