Will Surface be the PC Microsoft can be proud of?

Will Surface be the PC Microsoft can be proud of?

At Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 conference late last year, I had an impromptu discussion with a Microsoft employee who knew a thing or two behind the scenes building Windows PCs. It turns out there’s more things that go wrong than meets the eye, often at Microsoft’s expense.

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The Surface is an awesome idea.  I would have to agree that quality assurance has brought the company down but I have to say I’m a PC and probably will always be.  So purchasing my next PC is now only a matter of brand.  I don’t think this would be an iPad killer but it will definitely give Apple a run for its money.  Competition is always a good thing especially when you dealing with companies that think they are untouchable (Apple).  The only question I have now is when is this going to be available to the public? Check out the advertisement video in the post.  It’s incredibly sexy and sleek. I’m just really curious to see how good the UI is.  Even though you all know I’m not a fan of Apple I have to say the iPad it truly an amazing piece of technology.  My biggest pet peeve though is customization meaning its no existent on an iPad.  Hope they don’t follow Apple’s lead on this.  Will be following this story so will bring you an update soon.

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