HBO’s future is in standalone streaming. It just doesn’t know it

HBO’s future is in standalone streaming. It just doesn’t know it

on June 9, 2012 One morning during the next five years, you’ll wake up to news that HBO has seen the light. The cable network will announce that it has decided to take your money – maybe $12, $15, or $20 a month – and from that moment on, you’ll be able to watch its shows without a cable subscription.

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This is a great article one that I hope to come true as soon as possible.  I cut the Time Warner Cable cord about two years ago now and haven’t lost any sleep or money over it.  The only thing I actually miss from having cable is HBO, Comedy Central, and the Science Channel.  Much of the content on the last two are easy to find but the premium content like HBO has been hard to come by.  I think it is inevitable for these premium channel to join the streaming scene it’s really just a matter of when.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather then later but I guess only time will tell.  It should be power to the viewer but in this case is until they get around to it.  I think if they don’t act quickly there is will other better options to getting HBO’s content cheaper and on demand.  Everyone bashes Netflix but they are still one of best options if you want to give up cable so I guess you could say they are on top at the moment. “Content is King” so whoever comes out with the best service of content and price will ultimately win the entertainment battle.


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