Nintendo Wii U, Xbox SmartGlass and PS Vita: second screen entertainment explored


Nintendo Wii U, Xbox SmartGlass and PS Vita: second screen entertainment explored

E3 2012: Which can do what? Second screen has been the battle cry of the those searching for the next frontier in home entertainment since the dawn of the iPad and now E3 2012 has focused the idea very much upon the specific world of gaming.

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This smart glass technology looks really cool.  I like the fact that they are starting to merge iPad type tech with gaming consoles. I think you will start to see more touch pad and gesture type controls in the near future. With every major console coming out with this type of technology it seems no one company is going to have the advantage.  So it will mostly likely come down to the games themselves and which consoles will have the most excited engaging games to play.  I myself am a Playstation guy so they’ll have my vote regardless.


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