Now Pinterest is where all cool kids want to work

Now Pinterest is where all cool kids want to work

Pinterest, which recently took in $100 million in funding from Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, is fast becoming one of the hottest startups to work for in Silicon Valley. Whether its the $1.5 billion valuation or the fact that lots of people continue to flock to the site, talent is flying from companies such as Twitter,…

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Now this is interesting; Pintrest is becoming a household name to many just as Twitter and Facebook were just a few years back.  This just goes to show that any start-up with a good idea can get huge in a very short amount of time.  Instagram is another example of small start-up turns big business.  I myself was hesitant to join Pintrest in the beginning but once I signed up there was no turning back.  At times it has been just a time suck sifting through thousands of pictures, but there have been others where I’ve gotten true inspiration and helped me find something to write about.  I’m curious to see what is going to be next as the coolest new start-up to hit the streets.  I’ll be definitely tip my hat to Pintrest, keep up the good work.

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