Awesome Teenager Invents a New Form of Quantum Space Travel [Space]

Awesome Teenager Invents a New Form of Quantum Space Travel [Space]

Precocious young physicist Aisha Mustafa just patented a new system that could propel spacecrafts to the final frontier without using a drop of fuel. In short her system taps one of the odder facets of quantum theory, which posits that space isn’t really a vacuum.

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Wow this is awesome and to think that a teenager was able to think up an ingenious idea such as this.  Space travel has always been a fantasy of mine.  But what quantum theory tells us is that it may just be possible in our lifetimes.  The article talks about anti-particles which is simply anti-matter.  What it doesn’t explain is how the engine will work.  I can help with that since my first passion has always been aerospace engineering.  What happens is there is a small amount of anti-matter about 40-50 nano grams which is much less than a feather by comparison.  I very small amount of this anti-matter is met in a chamber with normal matter and what you get is an explosion that moves out of the space craft at almost the speed of light which is 3.0 x 10^8 meters per second which is incredibly fast this actually equates to 670 million miles per hr.  Over a long period of time the craft will slowly continue to accelerate up to close to that speed.  The real trick will be figuring out a way to simultaneously jump to that speed as reach the speed of light will take years using this method of matter: antimatter propulsion.  But at the very least this technology will help us explore our immediate solar system and perhaps our closest galaxy, Andromeda.  Space is truly the final frontier so let there be “Light speed mister Sulu!”

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