Action Steps To Get Started With Blogging: (Part 1)

Action Steps To Get Started With Blogging: (Part 1)

Job loss is (unfortunately) a way of life for most of us nowadays. In many cases, it’s due to factors that we can’t even control – such as a bad economy devastating our employer. In the last four years, I lost my job because the economy impacted my employer more than expected.

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I can tell you first hand that this is a great approach. Way back when I was laid off due the economic slump and was left wondering what I was going to do with all this spare time.  My solution was volunteering and blogging.  I wrote about what I knew; social media, technology, and things I did like volunteering.  After a few weeks my dream job came to me.

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Zemanta – a tool to help bloggers approached me through a recruiter and it was link love at first sight.  My blog was a key factor in landing the job.  I know this is not typical but it sure helps you to focus ob what’s truly important to you and shows everyone else that you’re dedicated enough to keep an up-to-date written account of yourself.  You can then promote yourself at first to your friends then as you create more content to the masses.  Set yourself apart from everyone else and own your brand are a few suggestions I have for you to get started.  Next of coarse is to download Zemanta and start using it to insert relevant links and tags to help your blog get found.  Buy your own domain which I will be doing soon, I promise.  Finally all you have to do is create the original content.

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