If You Don’t Get This, You Don’t Get Social Media (Infographic)

If You Don’t Get This, You Don’t Get Social Media (Infographic)

Social media has been a real game changer for agency and customers alike. In fact, I like to call it the greatest game for playing marketing “chicken” ever. You know the game “chicken” right? It’s pretty simple… You get two cars racing straight for each other seeing who swerves first. Not super smart, eh? Not only that, it’s scary too.

We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.

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This infographic is all about customer service and in my opinion it’s spot on.  it states that 83% of social media user walk away from a sale from bad customer service experience which is completely true.  I’d even agrue that this number should be even higher.  From my own experience, Time Warner Cable gave me a horrible experience of them coming to my home and sexually harassing my girlfriend.  I canceled cable a never looked back.  The reason I don’t have cable now is because there are no other alternatives in my area.  It would be a cold day in hell before I even considered giving them a try.   I’ve told everyone of my bad experience with them in the hopes that no one else will have to suffer with their horrible customer service.  If you want my business you simply need to make me happy.  Explain everything upfront, be courteous, be understanding, and at the end of the day fix the problem.  TWC is just one example of how their inability to keep you happy have led many away forever.  Oh and you know what they said when I confronted them about the sexual harassment?  “We have no control over our service employees” No apologies, no we will look into to it, just we have no control and basically tough luck.  We’ll tough luck to Time Warneras you’ll never get my business or the business of everyone I can reach with this message.

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