Would You Buy a 7-inch Apple ‘iPad Mini’ for $200?

Would You Buy a 7-inch Apple ‘iPad Mini’ for $200?

Tweet Techland Illustration Tell me if this makes sense to you: Apple’s preparing to launch a significantly smaller version of its already not-exactly-huge iPad and keep everything exactly the same – including the 2048 x 1536 screen resolution – except for storage, which it’ll drop from the entry-level iPad’s 16GB to 8GB.

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Wow I really hope this rumor is really true.  I’ve seen my share for tablets and what the most prominent takeaway I can tell you is that “not all tablets are created equal.” If you want an Android tablet one of the best ones on the market is Sprint‘s HTC view.  Touch response is incredibly accurate, battery life is surprisingly long lasting, HTC version of Android OSis solid.

Other android tablets are comparable  to the iPad but at a high price point. Even though I don’t like Apple, a 7-inch $200 iPad Mini would be very appealing to me.  I use a full sized iPad now and have lost it on a number of occasion because it just doesn’t fit in my pocket.  The mini would and I’d be at last confident that the tablet will do what I need it to do.  The potential release date for the mini is said to be sometime this October.  I will probably be holding out to see if they release it before getting any kind of tablet for my personal use.

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