Opinion: Did tablets and smartphones kill Nintendo?

Opinion: Did tablets and smartphones kill Nintendo?

Mobile gaming has cut Nintendo deep, and now the company


Cover of Nintendo

is struggling to compete against tablets and smartphones where it used to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Can it survive? Nintendo is having a bad year. Revenues are off sharply, and profits are a distant memory.

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This is a sad story because I may be the minority but playing those epic games only happens on full consoles and not an iPad.  I do play mobile games but only on the way to work.  If and when Playstation releases it’s new gaming station I will be sure to pick one up, buy all the games and boycott Xbox as usual.  When I think of Nintendo all I can think about is ancient and for women and kids.  Nintendo will probably be bought by one of its bigger old brothers.  My guess would be  Sony as to keep it in the family.  It’s not like Nintendo can keep going losing all their money but it’s said knowing there will be less competition even though they didn’t really compete with their bigger players on the global scale.  Nintendo has to think up something amazing or else they will be undoubtedly swallowed up by one of their competitors.

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