Netflix Q1 2012 numbers expected to show a loss

Netflix Q1 2012 numbers expected to show a loss

Video streaming giant Netflix is continuing to cope with the huge mess it made after taking its customers for granted, jacking up prices, and planning to syphon off its DVD and Blu-ray business as though nobody would have batted an eye.

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This should be expected since Netflix lost 800,000 users because they didn’t go about their price hike the right way.  They should have listened to their customers – “build the relationship first”  “Sell Second” This media giant will have to start listening soon else may be left in the dust from other big companies picking up the slack like Comcast.  As much as bash Netflix I’m a loyal customer because there is no other option out there yet for the same price point.  So as much as I’d like to see Netflix build a better relationship with their customers at this point the win by default.

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