GameStop slashes price of PlayStation 3 Slim

GameStop slashes price of PlayStation 3 Slim

In the market for a PlayStation 3? Good news: The system just got an unexpected 20 percent price drop. Borderline monopolistic gaming retail giant GameStop has a whole lot of clout here in The States.

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I would expect this to happen since we are on the verge of PS4 coming out soon.  You can probably expect another price drop just before and right after the release of this legendary console.  It may make sense to pick up a PS3 just for the added hardrive space and media capabilities.   I for one will probably purchase a second one to store all my other games and media.  The other idea I wanted to highlight is that if you don’t have the funds to get the new PS4 you should probably wait a while since the HDTV you have sitting in your living room is not even powerful enough to show the true capabilities this monster of a gaming console will be able to perform.  Save your money and wait till you can afford the proper output monitor before you jump on the Playstation bandwagon.

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