5 Reasons Why Facebook Drives Consumer Buying – Infographic

5 Reasons Why Facebook Drives Consumer Buying – Infographic

Tweet Facebook provides a wide ranging and encompassing online social network ecosystem that allows you to share music, photos and information that can be seen by your friends in their timeline and ticker.

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You know the reason Facebook ads work is because they are hyper specific to the likes of their individual users.  The ads that get displayed to me are already things I’ve opted into that interests me.  I’m more inclined to click on a ads from Facebook then from any other form of advertising.  For example I used to try a tell Hulu the ads that we not relevant to me but low and behold they keep showing me the same damn ad every single time.  So it is a complete waste of my time to even give them any input on what my preferences are.  All ad networks are not created equal and the proof is the article above.  When is everyone else going to wake up and smell the user experience? Hopefully soon I really hate those women’s needs commercials on Hulu.

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