Twitter and Facebook Are Tomorrow’s News Service. For Now, Though …

Twitter and Facebook Are Tomorrow’s News Service. For Now, Though …

If you’re like me, you increasingly rely on Twitter and Facebook as your news editors. But that means we’re in a small minority. Just 9 percent of American adults frequently get their news from their pals at the two services. And those who do end up getting it much more frequently from Facebook than Twitter.

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Wow I guess I’m part of that 9%. About 2 years ago I made a decision to cut the Time Warner Cable cord and since I haven’t looked back.  I get all my news from Twitter primarily and Facebook as a secondary.  After the switch I’ve noticed I get more news up to the second it happens via Twitter instead of watching the news every day.  I bet over the next 5 years that percentage will grow to 50% or more.  I see Twitter more than Facebook becoming a major news outlet for many people.  Adaption may be slow but it will inevitably happen as a result of this information age.

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