Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: three very different takes on portable gaming at GDC 2012

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: three very different takes on portable gaming at GDC 2012

Tim Cook says the darnedest things. Why, just last week Apple’s head honcho suggested that iPad users are ditching their home consoles in favor of Cupertino‘s favorite slate. Bold words, ones that can’t be sitting well with the gaming industry’s big three.

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The above is a great article about the differences in portable gaming stations.  One thing I don’t agree with is that the iPad will replace portable gaming consoles.  That is absolute rubbish.  I would never give up my PSP for iPad it just doesn’t have the complexity of games as does a PSP or Nintendo DS for that matter.  If you really think about an iPad is not very portable at all.  You need a case or bag to carry it in whereas a PSP or Nintendo can comfortably fit in you pocket.    I’ve been a gamer ever since I can remember and the console that won my unending loyalty would have to be SONY.  The reasons being is because they listen to their users and make stuff because its good for the gamer or the gamer wants this.  It’s called power to the players.  Also SONY gives a lot away for free.  PS Network; Free for Life /Microsoft Live; NOT FREE EVER.  You tell me which gaming platform do you think is the best and why?

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