Halo 4 ViDoc – Making Halo 4: First Look

Halo 4 ViDoc – Making Halo 4: First Look

Direct from Microsoft’s 2012 Spring Showcase, 343i brings you the first footage of Halo 4 in action, along with some insight into the relaunching of Microsoft’s flagship Franchise. Protip: bottom right button is “full screen” mode for video. Hey, you’re welcome! Related Items microsoft halo 343 Xbox 360 S Microsoft Gaming Home consoles

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via: www.theverge.com

Was never much of a Halo fan to begin with but this game looks unbelievably good.  May be an excuse to get the Xbox 360 just for this game.  Whatever the case may be looks like all the game systems are gearing up for their new platform releases.  The best games to come out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 will inevitably be now.  Looking forward to these great games.

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